CERT Overview

Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program is part of the local and national Citizen Corps effort to incorporate and use volunteers in the community. Citizen Corps is endorsed by the President of the United States and the Department of Homeland Security. CERT members are trained in basic response techniques in order to assist local citizens and first responders in disaster or emergency situations. CERT programs in Broward County are taught and managed by fire, police, or emergency management agencies.

Hurricanes can devastate a local community. Professional help may not be available for some time in the immediate aftermath of a major storm. The mission of the CERT program is to train residents in preparing for and recovering from such an event. CERT members are taught how to organize their immediate neighborhood and rapidly begin providing emergency assistance until public safety personnel arrive. CERT teams are designed to support first responders and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) support functions. CERT members are carefully trained to provide immediate medical care, small fire extinguishment, light search & rescue, disaster documentation, team and neighborhood organization, disaster relief, and many other support measures.

CERT participants are taught by our fire department personnel in the following curriculum:

  1. Introduction to Disasters
  2. Fire Safety
  3. Disaster Medical Care, Part I
  4. Disaster Medical Care, Part II
  5. Search & Rescue
  6. Response to Terrorism
  7. Disaster Psychology & Team Organization
  8. Course Review,  Final Drill, Graduation

CERT members are identified by their green vests and helmets. CERT members are valuable resources after a disaster and have assisted in search & rescue activities, EOC assistance, POD operations, and provision of emergency medical care prior to our arrival. CERT members are primarily coordinated through the EOC, but are trained to begin disaster response activities in their own neighborhoods first.  The goal of CERT in Broward County is to eventually bring the program to every neighborhood.

CERT Events and Announcements