Cadet / Explorer Subcommittee


Preparing future fire rescue recruits the highest level of mentorship, hands-on training, requisite knowledge, and life skills needed for a successful career in the fire and emergency service. 


    1. Assisting cadets/Explorers learn basic knowledge of the fire and emergency service career.
    2. Exposing cadets/Explorers to physical fitness requirements needed to successfully pass the fire academy.
    3. EMS Introduction
    4. Providing cadets/Explorers with mentorship opportunities and life skills.
    5. Providing basic tool identification.
    6. Providing resume and job interview helpful hints.
    7. Gaining awareness of potential scholarship opportunities.
    8. Allow cadet/Explorers ride-along’ s with fire and emergency service professionals.
    9. Allow cadet/Explorers participation in small and large-scale training exercises.
    10. Allow cadet/Explorers participation in community events.

Chair Mike Moser, Coral Springs
Co-Chair, Van Schoen, Tamarac