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Fire Rescue Articles

Hartford Prevails in Race Discrimination Suit

A lawsuit filed by a Hartford firefighter who claims he was discriminated against on account of his race and age, has been dismissed by the US District Court for the District of Connecticut. Tony Milledge filed suit alleging he had been subjected to a hostile work environment by colleagues and supervisors for years.

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FDNY Prevails in Discrimination Suit, Appeal Filed

An FDNY firefighter who claimed he was sexually assaulted and racially discriminated against when assigned to his first firehouse after the fire academy, is appealing entry of judgment in favor of the city. Gordon Springs filed suit against the city and several firefighters in 2017.

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Texas Firefighter Backpay Must Be Calculated Week-By-Week

A Texas firefighter who was wrongfully suspended for over four years, and who made more than he would have made if he remained employed as a firefighter, has prevailed in an effort to get the fire department to compensate him for those weeks when he made less than what he would have made. The complicated case involves a firefighter for the City of Big Spring, Fabian Scott Butler.

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Two Tulsa Chiefs Sue Claiming Gender Discrimination

Two chief officers in the Tulsa Fire Department have filed suit claiming they were passed over for promotion because of their gender, and retaliated against after they complained. Greta Hurt and Julie Lynn filed suit in US District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma alleging a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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