ARC – National Sound the Alarm Event

National Sound the Alarm Event. Campaign Overview:

  1. STA Campaign service delivery window is April 8 – May 8 (may get extended a week)
  2. Red Cross will provide an agreed upon quantity of 10-yr smoke alarms for installation

Role of the Partnering Fire Department

  1. Agree to provide installations & education in their jurisdiction to high-risk residences between April 8 – May 8. 
  2. Document and report to Red Cross weekly service delivery


Home Fire Campaign videos

  1. Home fire client/volunteer and firefighter partner testimony
  2. Wendy Williams installs the 1 millionth alarm 
  3. Celebrating 500 lives saved  – 820 documented lives saved

*On Installation goals with individual fire departments will have to be flexible, target 60 Home Visits from April 8 – May 8,… 2 per day on average (but not limited to).  That extrapolates to 8 FD installing (1 or 2 on average) alarms at 60 home…480 – 960 alarms. Aiming high for a buffer.  That’s also 480 educational events toward the 556 goals,  leaving just 76 Homes Made Safer for our other channels (if needed). 

Last updated on March 20th, 2023 at 04:18 pm