FCABC Firefighter Scholarship

Deadline to Submit for 2023 is November 15.

The Firefighter Scholarship Program was developed by the Fire Chiefs’ Association of Broward County to assist students with funding to complete their education needed for a career in the Fire Service. The Fire Chiefs’ Association will make their scholarship support available to students attending Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic, Fire Prevention or Fire Academy programs.

In the State of Florida, and across the nation, the fire service is experiencing a shortage of qualified trained personnel.  In South Florida, with the combination of a cross-trained workforce and the turnover of existing personnel due to retirements, Broward County is feeling the effects of the shortage. 

Due to the increasing cost of education and the amount of time required to complete the necessary training, the Fire Chiefs’ Association feels that its commitment and financial support to the Firefighter Scholarship Program can make a difference.

The main purpose of the Firefighter Scholarship is to provide financial assistance to needy students.

The Fire Chiefs’ Association believes this program will help students to meet the educational requirements needed for employment in fire services within Broward County. 

The purpose of this program is to assist students interested in a future with the fire services in Broward County and to expose students to a rewarding career in the field of Fire Rescue Service.


The Fire Chiefs’ Association of Broward County has approached the following organizations to determine that the program’s concept meets their requirements. The Association’s intent is a partnership with local publicly funded community schools that can provide quality fire, emergency medical training.  They are:

  • Broward College
  • Broward Fire Academy
  • Coral Springs Fire Academy

Announcement of program will be by Fire Chief’s Association website, public speaking at Fire Academy’s and Broward College.


Application Process

  • All interested individuals who meet the requirements as announced would complete the Firefighter Scholarship application. Applications will be reviewed by the Fire Chiefs appointed Scholarship Review Committee and a recommendation will be forwarded to the Executive Board for final consideration of recommendation.
  • A minimum of two applicants will be chosen each budget year to receive financial aid. The number will depend on the number of applicants, funding available each year and Broward County industry needs.
  • All recipients must pass a physical agility test from a FCABC Board approved institution before being awarded any scholarship funds.
  • All recipients of the scholarship program will receive funding, paid to the approved publicly funded educational facilities as determined by the Fire Chiefs’ Association of Broward County through the Firefighter Scholarship Fund.
  • It is recognized that the program may have applicants at different stages of local programs: fire academy, EMT, paramedic or fire inspector programs.
  • Paramedic and EMT students will be required to complete school ride hours on a rescue unit located in Broward County and clinical hours at Broward County hospitals. This would allow on-duty personnel and local hospital staff the time to evaluate and tutor individuals in the areas of firefighting, EMT and paramedics skills.
  • Scholarship recipients are required to maintain a passing grade, per the approved educational institution’s standards, in order to continue their eligibility in the program.
  • Recipients will be evaluated throughout the program in order to maintain their status in the program. Scholarship recipient can be expelled from the program for just cause by the FCABC Board.  Examples are: failing a class, lateness, not following fire department rules and regulations or other applicable policies and guidelines set by the educational institutions or Fire Chiefs’ Association.  See attached Appendix-C


This Firefighter Scholarship Program is an exceptional program. This kind of financial support and commitment is well worth the effort.  The program is a partnership between the Fire Chiefs’ Association, publicly funded educational institutions, other professional organizations and the community.  The members of the Fire Chiefs’ Association of Broward County are committed to providing the best possible service to the community and believe this type of program enhances that commitment.

We believe the resources that will be needed are within Broward County and an effort must be made to tap into this wealth of talent.  The Fire Chiefs’ Association of Broward County believes we need to be the leaders in preserving the high level of service that is provided to our residents and visitors, and we must strive to continue setting the great examples. 


Applicant Requirements:

All candidates applying for the Firefighters Scholarship program must meet all the requirements set forth by the Fire Chiefs’ Association of Broward County. 

Note:  Applications deadline  

Applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Possess a High School Diploma or Equivalent.
  • Pass the agility test from a FCABC Board approved institution.
  • Have documentation of Citizenship.
  • Provide proof of being a resident of Broward County.
  • Not be a tobacco user prior to one year of application date.
  • Applicant must pass a complete background and driving history check.
  • Include two personal and two professional letters of reference with the application packet.
  • Include a copy of current State of Florida Drivers License
  • Can meet all requirements of the State of Florida and Broward County as it pertains to becoming a Firefighter, Paramedic or Fire Inspector.
  • Preference can be given to applicants that meet the requirements of financial need.



The Fire Chiefs’ Association of Broward County maintains funding for this program.  Proceeds for these scholarship accounts are raised through donations, fundraisers, Association conferences and the sale of Association memberships to fire rescue trade groups.  These funds are earmarked for approved recipients that become part of the Firefighters Scholarship Program.

The Fire Chief’s Association will announce the amount that will be awarded annually, but the intent is to fund at least two (2), one thousand-dollar ($1,000.00) scholarships each year to qualified applicants depending on the number of applicants and the amount of funds available. 

Although Scholarship funds are earmarked to be used to pay for registration, tuition, books, lab fees and associated costs of each section of the program that the recipient has been enrolled, other costs incurred during courses may be acceptable to the FCABC Board and approved by the Board if requested.  The Fire Chiefs Executive Board will determine the amount and area funded. 


Conditions for dismissal from the program:

All scholarship recipients must conduct themselves in a professional manner both personally and professionally at all times.  Any conduct unbecoming that reflects negatively on the program, industry and/or the Fire Chiefs’ Association shall result in the loss of Scholarship funds and the student can be expelled from the program.    

Any violation of the medical ethics for patient care or patient confidentiality will result in an investigation conducted by the educational institutions involved.  This investigation will determine the proper course of action and may include loss of Scholarship funds. 

Examples of zero tolerance infractions are:

  • Dishonesty or cheating in any form
  • Vulgarity during class, clinical or field internship
  • Disruptive behavior in class, clinical or field internship
  • Harassment or threats to instructors, fellow students, field personnel or patients
  • Inappropriate “attire” worn while attending classes, courses or training
  • Breech of patient confidentiality, copying trip run reports or hospital records
  • Falsification of any information on scholarship application, records or program related documents
  • Failure to meet the minimum scholastic, clinical or field internship as required by this program (passing grade of 2.5 “C” or better)
  • Unexcused absence from class, clinical or field internship
  • Reporting late or leaving a class, clinical or field time without permission
  • Theft of hospital, school, fire rescue department or public property
  • Unprofessional conduct or derogatory language of any kind
  • Behavior indicating drug or alcohol abuse will be expelled immediately as with any subsequent arrest, driving or background incident

Download the Scholarship Application

Download SOG 111 Firefighter Scholarship Program


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